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Acne Lift Peel ($20)

Signature Facelift Peel ($20)

LED Light ($25)

Microdermabrasion ($25)

LHE treatment ($30)

Clean and Pure Acne Program ($580): 8 weeks of advanced skin purifying treatments performed 1-2 times a week for 45 minutes each. LED and LHE noninvasive technologies are used to decongest the skin and stimulate healing. Education of diet and lifestyle are included. You will see a dramatic improvement in breakouts, inflammation, and smoothness.

Ultimate Skin Repair ($630): Amazing skin in 9 treatments! Enjoy a customized facial once a week with a combination of microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, Ultrasonic therapy, Antioxidant infusions, and more. You will see improvement in clarity, smoothness, fine lines, and texture leading to an overall healthier appearance. Each Repair program is different and will be suited to your concerns and skin type.

LED Package of Six ($200): Light therapy has been proven in over 20 years of independent research to have powerful therapeutic benefits to skin! Light therapy stimulates skins natural cellular activity and promotes new cell regeneration. It is used in the treatment and healing of acne, fine lines, sun damage, scarring, and more.

LHE Package of Six ($220): The newest breakthrough in acne phototherapy! The LHE ClearTouch is a localized treatment to reduce inflammation and dramatically clear acne.